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Fabric and labels Since the last post the 50m white fabric has been delivered to the manufacturer along with the 300 labels ordered from China. The good news is the second fitting for the black and white versions of the swimwear are ready to be tried on Friday 13 November 2015. I chose to be the model for the fittings because of my full figure and feel the brand should represent the founder to make the samples. The bad news is the production for the printed costumes are now on hold due to a problem with the fabric supplier not being able to fulfil the digital print on the fabric, but have recommended for me to contact a sublimation company to do the prints. Sublimation Is the heating of water-based ink which is transformed from a solid to a gas and then back to a solid. Once the transfer of the colours are on the fabric the print is permanent and is the best non run method to printing on my swimwear patterns. The sublimation company The Sublimation Printers I contacted yesterday I found on the Make it British website. Due to the set back with printing the patterns on the white fabric I'm very hopeful and optimistic The Sublimation Printers are able to do this. The next post will feedback the outcome of the second fitting in the black and white versions of the Ten&Lee swimwear range, an update on the sublimation print if successful or unsuccessful and what my next move will be going forward.

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