Research, research and more research!

Over the last few weeks I have researched and created a list of UK suppliers, manufacturers and sample cutters to inquire on costs to make a sample set of costumes. I managed to narrow down the list to four manufacturers who specialise in swimwear based in London. All of the manufacturers I located all provide full servicing, which includes First Pattern; Toiling; Samples: First sample /Pre-Production sample; Technical Sketches; Size specifications; Fit Sessions; Grading and CMT/Small Production Runs. I have contacted the four manufacturers with inquiries and I’m now pending a response from three of those contacted. One of the manufacturers based in North West London has invited me to meet face-to-face to discuss the first stage of operations and getting the samples made, whilst discussing costs to include in my business plan. I have agreed to give them at least two weeks notice before arranging to visit once I have my final sketches created by my amazing and talented friend Angelica Marsh. I have also decided out of a few designs and colours which one will be the tenandlee brand logo below. The tenandlee logo was designed and created by a colleague and I over a month ago and after having a small focus group, the majority decided on the same logo design I originally chose. Tenandlee I have now had my logo copyrighted and will have to renew this yearly to avoid anyone from using it without my permission. The next steps will be once finalising the designs will be to accrue all of the costs so far and future costs. These costs will include payment for domain names; payment to redirect each domain name to the blog; copyright protection fees etc. All of these costs will need to be included in the financial section once putting together a business plan, which will also include guestimate and potential costs for full production and dispatching the swimwear. In the next blog post I will provide an update on further research including my progress with the manufacturers I have contacted in London.

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