Time for grading!

I was extremely happy after my meeting with the manufacturers on Friday 18th December. All of the medium sized swimwear pieces are now complete. I have decided to start off with four sizes; seven Caribbean islands and black/white pieces in the styles, which will appeal to my target audience. All of the swimwear pieces are reversible, so you can wear the printed side one day and wear the black version on another day. The same applies for the plain pieces if you don't want to wear the black side you can wear the white side. The chosen sizes are going to be:
  • XS (8-10)
  • S (10-12)
  • M (12-14)
  • L (14-16)
The styles I have chosen to begin with to wear on the beach; at carnivals or even on holiday as day wear are the following:
  • Bikini boob tube (detachable straps)
  • High waisted knickers
  • Racer back crop top
  • Shorts
  • Swimsuit (multimate wear straps)
In the new year I'm aiming to have the other three gradings completed for the extra small; small and large sizes by the beginning of February 2016. I should also have located a manufacturer overseas to do a mass production, as the cost in the UK is very expensive. Initially I would like to have them ready for sale in July - August 2016. My only concern is with the Jamaican print racer back crop top, I would like to have the cross a little higher. This will be amended during the other gradings. Here are some images of the Ten&Lee swimwear range. [gallery ids="484,481,480,478" type="slideshow" orderby="rand"]

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