Production issues

Happy New Year! After further research looking into manufacturing overseas, I have decided to go with my current UK manufacturer to do the first few production runs. Although the cost is quite high per unit to make each swimwear piece for quality control purposes it makes more sense to have them made locally, this way I can ensure they are being made to the best quality and value for money. Financing production I have decided to sell the reversible swimsuits with detachable straps first for the following Caribbean Island flags: Antigua & Barbuda; Barbados; Grenada; Jamaica; St. Kitts & Nevis; St. Lucia and Trinidad & Tobago. I will also be introducing three more islands these are Dominica; Guyana & Haiti towards the end of the year, this is also due to the costs of getting the pieces made in the UK. I plan to offer the boob tube with detachable straps and high-waisted knickers early 2017 along with the racer back with shorts mid 2017. This is all dependent on sales, if feasible I will introduce those styles before early and mid 2017. Grading update Due to the suppliers and my UK manufacturer being closed over the christmas period the gradings are currently in process. The timescale has been pushed back for completion and hope to have these ready by early March the latest. The next steps will be to apply for a business loan to fund the first few production runs. To continue to liaise with a supplier in China to design the hang tags; packaging and padded postage envelopes for the swimwear; and negotiate prices to order in bulk.

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