Sublimation printing

Sublimation update The ball is now rolling, after making contact with the sublimation printers and discussing the placement print my manufacturer (who is making the swimwear samples) has sent the fabric; pattern drawings and measurements to the printing team. A sigh of relief sank in when they gave me the green light and told me they are able to do the prints. It will take a few weeks for the whole process to be completed, I cannot wait to see the finished result! Second fittings This went really well the only amendments which need to be made are the removable straps for the full swimsuit and the boob tube. I've found a trimmings store in London called MacCulloch & Wallis where I ordered clear detachable hooks and plastic sliders to fit the straps on to the swimwear pieces. The trimmings are on the way to my manufacturers to be added to the swimwear items and I'm aiming to share an update of further progressions in the next post. Trademark Finally I have trade marked Ten&Lee's logo with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) after months of stalling and £170 later, I did it! Over the next month I will need to start to research larger manufacturers who have the resources to do a large production run once the samples are complete. This may involve having to get them made overseas if the costs are much lower than getting them made in the UK, which is more than likely. Onwards and upwards for Ten&Lee's swimwear journey.

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