Working with Cowboys!

Ten&Lee was working with a small manufacturer based in Acton in north west London up until early April. We will refer to this manufacturer as a cowboy because they are refusing to refund payments Ten&Lee made for incorrect monokini sample pieces they produced. The manufacturer Sample Studio who we are no longer working with have refused to take ownership for their errors when making the St.Lucia and Grenada sample pieces. Negligence of quality control on their side and sheer laziness has caused a loss of time; money spent both on printing & production, alongside a waste of fabrics and trimmings. Here are the images of the incorrect pieces which have been produced, St.Lucia's isosceles triangle and arrow head is upside down and Grenada is missing three stars (which represents the number of parishes on the island). [gallery ids="1048,1050" columns="2"] As you can see below from the previous samples Sample Studio produced for Ten&Lee's second and third collection these flag prints are correct.   image After seeking advice from a solicitor, Ten&Lee is now taking court action against Sample Studio through using the Money Claim Online (MCO) website. An update of the outcome will be included in the next post. Each day in business you learn your cannot trust everyone, do not be fooled by suppliers and manufacturers claiming to help when really they're there to take advantage of you or your business. Always check your invoices thoroughly and question at all times as there are a lot of sharks and cowboys out there. Be sure to always get a second opinion from and advisor, mentor or accountant. If you know anyone going through similar issues or you are experiencing these problems with an organisation or an individual, seek advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau, or a solicitor.

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