Marketing Ten&Lee

What has Ten&Lee been up to in the last couple of weeks? Setting up social media accounts to present the brand to reach Ten&Lee's target audience, building awareness of the brand (swimwear line coming soon). Instagram and Facebook were chosen to display images of Ten&Lee's samples/prototypes, based on these being the most popular social media channels being used worldwide. After a few days of sharing content through both social media channels, Ten&Lee has recieved many positive responses. It's amazing to have so much support from friends, family and members of the public across the globe. The overwhelming feeling from the great responses (gained across two days) last weekend is just one of the many factors, which motivates Ten&Lee. Ten&Lee's business cards have now arrived! (please note the swimwear pieces are currently not available for sale, but are expected to be in stock early August 2016). image The loan status is pending and hope to feedback the outcome in the next post.  

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