Obstacles and Hurdles

Well being a pre-startup has proven to be a lot harder than one would have expected! The obstacles and hurdles I have been through in the last few weeks have been beyond stressful. Working a full time job and a part time job, whilst trying to sort out purchasing fabrics; arranging to open a business account; and meeting with my manufacturer located on the other side of London has been full on. This has not deterred me from giving up but has only encouraged me to continue this journey in moving forward, as the end result will be beautiful and it would have been all worth it. The issues I have experienced over the last few weeks have been trying to purchase the fabrics. I have been contacting the fabric supplier every other day via email and phone for updates on fabrics and requesting different swatches. One of the black fabrics I felt was best suited in terms of the feel and stretch was out of stock, and I needed to have the fabric sent across to the manufacturer as soon as possible. I then had to request another swatch of fabric in Lycra and Nylon which took a few days and then once happy I then purchased a roll to be delivered to the manufacturer. The second fabric to do the print on is still pending as the fabric suppliers, was waiting on the manufacturer to draw a rough sketch of one of the bottoms to get the correct measurements for a test print. The test print is currently in progress and i'm hoping this turns out well so I can order this fabric to send over to the manufacturer. On the plus side of the obstacles and hurdles experienced so far the manufacturer is now working on the black fabric and fittings have been scheduled on Friday 16th October 2015 and Ten&Lee's business account has been approved. It hasn't all been doom and gloom there has been a light at the end of the tunnel and I've made it over the first of many hurdles to come.

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  • I am so proud of you tenny I know it’s been tough but that is what makes this journey sweeter you will be a success I have every faith in you because you believe and you are tenacious .
    Mum ??

    • Shelagh