Two jobs and a business

Have you ever had moments when you forget what the date is or which day of the week it is? Of late especially over the last few weeks I've had moments when I've had a frazzled brain and feel like all my cells have died. This is due to doing so many things all of the time and not having enough breaks. My body was so run down that I had to take yesterday off (of my main full time job) and have taken Monday the 1st February off just to rest and bulk up on vitamin C, Zinc and cold & flu tablets. You learn something new everyday Being so out of touch with the fashion industry of late due to being busy with both my full time job and part time job, it was brought to my attention that the full swimsuit with slits I'm planning to sell in August 2016 is called a monokini. I would like to thank socaweekender for pointing this out to me. As a pre startup and being so out of touch, everyday you learn something new and everyday is a learning curve. Hang tags & packaging bags A sneak peek below of the hang tags and the packaging bags for the swimwear. [gallery ids="598,597,797" type="rectangular"] A sticker of the logo will be placed on the front of the ziplock bag. Because of the miscommunication and language barrier the logo was missed of off the print. I am now in the process of locating tissue paper to wrap the swimwear in, before they go in to the ziplock bags. I'm also trying to locate resealable postage bags through the Alibaba website. The samples are currently being made and now 16 more samples are being made in the monkini for Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada & St. Lucia in all four sizes. These should all be complete by mid March and then I can arrange the photo shoot and video clips for the Ten&Lee look book and the my blog site. Next steps I now need to sort out designing Ten&Lee business cards and need to fill in the next stage of the application form for the Start Up Loan I'm applying for through Fashion Angel. I will be doing some research on the post offices business service and how it will work if wanting returns to go back to the post office rather than my personal address, as the company address is registered to my chartered accountants Litchfields firm address. The next post will share an update on the business card and loan status.

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