Better late than never!

So I’m posting my blog which should have been up last week. Why did I not pre-write and then schedule it to post? Well that’s a good question but I thought I would have had enough time. We learn from our mistakes and for future posts I’ll make sure they are consistent and posted fortnightly. It is a slow process at the moment but I am getting there and it is moving forward gradually. I do need to take it up a notch if I want to be launched by next summer. Finding juggling two jobs and trying to continue doing ongoing research is a bit of a struggle, but I’m a fighter and I’m pushing through even if it’s taking longer than I had anticipated. A timeline deadline needs to be put in to place for each objective to be reached to keep on track, as well as using these posts as a journal. What’s new since my last post? I have completed two sections of the business plan for tenandlee and will focus next weekend on fully completing all sections apart from the financials. The financial section I will leave until I have met with the manufacturer to get a break down of all the costs. Once I have completed the first draft of the business plan I will then pass this on to two ICAEW Chartered Accountancy firms who have offered to look through the plan and provide feedback for improvement. In my next post I’m hoping this objective is ticked off to complete the first draft along with comments for improvements and recommendations.

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