Language barrier!

Supplier drama Since my last post I've been negotiating with the supplier in China (found using Alibaba) to design and create hang tags & packaging bags for Ten&Lee swimwear. The hang tags look amazing and I can't wait until they arrive, unfortunately due to the language barrier the packaging bags have not been produced as requested. A miscommunication occurred when specifying where the text and Ten&Lee logo should be placed. The logo has not been printed on the packaging bags and I have ordered 5,000 as the cost to order a smaller quantity worked out to be near enough the same price as to order 5,000. The dilemma and disappointment of ordering such a large bulk and for them to be incorrect was an eye opener, never assume anything. Lesson learnt After back and forth email communications the supplier has now offered to print transparent stickers with the Ten&Lee logo to place on the packaging bags above the url. Luckily this error can now be rectified and the packaging bags can be salvaged. This could have been a loss in money which I cannot afford to waste, given my current position trying to source funding for the production run. Actions going forward I will be searching for models for when the sample sizes are ready to organise a photo shoot and video clips. I have a few ladies in mind who I work with at my second job (AYS) who are dancers and actresses, alongside previous colleagues and friends from my old Faith shoe days. I have found a photographer who has offered to help a struggling startup for free and with access to studio space! Who is also a colleague from my second job. Although tiring it does pay to have two jobs, working with such talented and kind people wanting to help my journey. My next post I will be able to show what the hang tags and packaging bags look like and feedback on a grading update.  

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