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Suppliers Over the last few weeks I have been liaising with suppliers for the two types of fabric needed to make my swimwear. This has been a success and have chosen both fabrics to print on and to use for the plain reversible side of the costumes. I have arranged for another meeting with my manufacturer this week to get the ball rolling in getting these samples made. I found a supplier in China using the Alibaba website to make my logo's using a non rust metal plates, to be embedded to the Ten&Lee swimwear. The supplier was very efficient and extremely helpful and sent regular updates of the status of making the plates belows. I'm very happy with the outcome of these logo's and now need to find a supplier who makes plastic transparent double sided back clips for the bikini tops (who offer orders of a small quantity to begin with). imageimageimage I have now officially registered Ten&Lee Swimwear Limited with Companies House and have arranged to open a business account to ensure all outgoings and incoming payments are kept separately from my current account. The reason for having a separate account for the business is so I can keep an eye on outgoings and have a record which is easy for my accountant use when filing my tax return for the end of year. Next steps now are to purchase both fabrics and pay half of the total fee to the manufacturer to make the samples. I'm aiming to have these samples ready before Christmas, and once these have been completed I can then fill out my financial section of my business plan.

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