What have I been doing since my first post?

Since my first post two weeks ago I've been researching the types of materials; suppliers; manufacturers and pattern cutters to produce the tenandlee high end swimwear range. As the founder of Ten&Lee being from the UK I would like all of the materials, production and manufacturing to be in the UK. This may be quite challenging as there are few pattern cutters in the UK specific to the swimwear industry alongside fewer full service manufacturers in the UK. There being not as many will not deter my decision to making tenandlee swimwear produced and manufactured in the UK. The getting it made workshop run by Fashion Angel and advice received from Clover Lewis has helped me to create a list of UK fabric suppliers; manufacturers and pattern cutters to find out the prices to make samples. Now that I have created these lists my next task is to go on to each of the websites and inquire about the costs to make five swimsuit samples. Since my first post I have also looked in to the different types of sizing and have chosen to offer three sizes, these will be small 6-8); medium (10-12); and large (12-14). I have decided to go with offering three sizes to begin with due to this being most cost effective when producing clothing and accessories as a start-up business. In my next blog post I will reveal the Ten&Lee logo and aim to start putting together my business plan.

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