Business plan - first draft

I managed to stick to my goal! This is a great achievement to have completed the sections needed for the first draft of tenandlee's business plan. My next step now is to pass this on to some of the ICAEW Chartered Accountants who have offered to read through and provide me with some feedback. Writing a business plan is not easy but with the right help and guidance from tools available out there, I was able to work through it. The templates I used to help me were in Emma Jones The Startup Kit and the ICAEW's Starting a Business guide. There are number of templates available out there which can those like myself who are planning to start up their own business. In the next post I plan to upload some of the sketches of tenandlee's potential products as they are not ready at the moment. I would love to hear feedback from potential customers and also friends and family. I will also be planning to to contact the manufacturer to book an appointment to discuss the first stage of getting a sample together. Once I have met with the manufacturer and have enquires about courier services to distribute the product this will help me to complete the financial section in tenandlee's business plan. Since my last post I also amended the Carnival dates section which were pending dates. All of the Carnival dates for the UK are now up alongside most of the U.S. Carnival dates.

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