Excuses, excuses, excuses!

I decided to name the title of this blog post excuses, excuses, excuses! Because yet again I have failed to meet my set goals from the last few weeks. The reason for not being able to meet these goals are simply because I went on holiday for two weeks. This shouldn't be a reason for missing set goals in place to get my high end niche swimwear idea off of the ground, bus unfortunately it is. Once you get in to holiday mode you feel like taking a break from everything and have time to relax from the usual everyday routine of 9-5. In my case a break from two jobs put me in to a zone where I no longer had the energy to do anything except go in to full holiday mode. After a lovely two week break away from the working world I am now back on track, and will be emailing my first draft of my business plan this week to several ICAEW Chartered Accountants who offered to provide free services as part of their scheme to help pre startups, startups and SMEs to help them make their business or idea a success. Once I receive feedback from the business plan I can then work on amendments and start my set of research the process, fees and costs to renting stalls at UK carnivals to promote and build awareness of the TenandLee brand. I have not been back in touch with the manufacturer in regards to the first stage process in getting the samples made, this is due to trying to manage time more effectively and getting back in to the swing of things. I've found it has taken longer than I thought it would to get back in to my day to day routine after my break away, so time has just flown right bye and I haven't achieved my set objectives. If you don't set goals and targets then you don't have anything to work towards to get to where you want to be, even if you don't meet them by the deadline at least you have something to measure against and you will get it done eventually even if it wasn't at the initial time and date set be completed. I see this as a kick up the bottom to keep moving forward and as motivation using this blog as a diary to reflect on progress made to date and what to do next.

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