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Fitting session On Friday 16 October 2015 I had the first fitting session for the Ten&Lee swimwear samples, so exciting! Toiling on calico as a fit sample with fitting session is the third stage of making the samples. During this session I was able to try on the three styles a full swimsuit; boob tube with high-waisted knickers; and racer back style with shorts. Very impressed with the first fittings and have worked with the pattern cutters to make amendments to the designs and trimmings. After the fittings I then discussed the layout of the prints on each style, which have to be drawn with the measurements for each print to placed on the white fabric to send back to the fabric supplier. The fabric supplier has to have the exact measurements to do the digital print so they can scale the patterns before printing on to the fabric. The original chosen white fabric used for the test print turned out to be perfect, so I purchased a 50m roll and is now on it's way to the manufacturer and should arrive on Monday 19 October. I have now ordered more labels, as I was extremely pleased with the quality and how they will look once sewn on to the samples. The 300 I have ordered are now being made in China and should reach the manufacturer in the next few weeks. The next step over the next few weeks are to get the prints made on the white fabric, then have those prints sent back to the manufacturer to make the next fit sample. This is stage 4 sampling the design on the chosen fabrics and trimmings. Rolling forward at a steady pace! I'm still on track for getting the samples completed before Christmas. The next blog I'm hoping I can feedback those steps and hope all upcoming plans are achievable given the timescale set.

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  • I wish you all the best you have come do far so don’t stop @ all material and sneak peeks are looking fab can’t w8 to sample the finished goods xxxx

    • Monzi
  • I am so proud of the progress that has been made thus far tenneka roll on sweetheart success is yours .

    From your proud as punch mother xxxxxxx

    • Shelagh