Exhibitions and carnival stalls

This post is well over due, fallen off the bandwagon yet again. Sticking to a fortnightly blog started off to be easy and the writing became fluid rolling off the tongue, and with the accessive amount of research undertaken in the initial pre starting phase there is plenty to write about. I have reached a point where I cannot go any further until specific objectives have been completed and I am now finding that I'm stuck in a stagnation phase. I'm now at the point where I have edited my 2nd draft of my business plan and will once again seek help from a few ICAEW Chartered Accountants to over look and provide some feedback. The next stages I'm looking in to are exhibitions across the UK; carnival stalls, finding out the costs to exhibit/run a stall; costs to buy a pop up banner stand; business cards etc. The total costs to consider involving travel; accommodation and stock to have ready for sale on the date and stock available in the warehouse for interested members of the public to purchase online. Over the next few months when searching for lingerie; swimwear exhibitions; and carnival stalls I will need to contact the organisers for these shows as well as the local councils who run carnivals in their cities and towns about the fees to exhibit.

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